What your hairstyle says about your personality

What your hairstyle says about your personality

We all have that one hairstyle that’s our go-to look. It’s the hairstyle we wear to work, to after work drinks with friends and even dinner with family. For some people that hairstyle takes a lot of time and effort to put together. For others, doing their hair in the morning is a simple task they don’t even need to think twice about. We all have that one hairstyle and even though we may not think about it very often, that hairstyle can say a lot about you.

Have you ever stopped to think about exactly what your favourite hairstyle says about your personality? Well, here are a few hairstyles, see if you can identify the personality traits associated with them.

A big, messy bun

You’re fun and free-spirited. You don’t mind a few strands of hair dangling around your face. Also, you don’t want to spend ages getting ready in the morning. The big, messy bun is trending and it’s easy to maintain, which is why it’s your go-to hairstyle. The great thing about this hairstyle is that even though it’s messy, it looks intentional, so you can wear it almost anywhere (okay, maybe not to black tie events).

A tight, carefully styled bun

You can’t handle the idea of a strand of hair out of place. If your hair isn’t perfectly tied back in a stylish bun that wouldn’t look out of place in a ballet performance, you’re not happy. You’re the kind of person who likes things organised and in their place at all times. Which means you’re loved by your colleagues and partner or housemate because you always know where everything is at all times. This doesn’t mean you’re not fun. You’re a lot of fun. You just prefer dinner at fancy restaurants to dive bars. You enjoy getting dressed up and want to look your best every day.

Long, curly and tangled

You don’t brush your hair very often because when you do, your hair is larger than life and completely frizzy. Instead, you prefer your curls a little tangled so they hang properly. It also means you save a lot of time getting ready to go anywhere. You like to live life as it happens. You savour each moment and don’t sweat the small things. You’re fun to be around and you’re invited to every party or get together.

Straightened to perfection

You get up early every morning to straighten your hair. Any frizz is absolutely unacceptable. You want to be able to wave your hair around like the models in TV ads. Messy isn’t your thing. You like things neat and tidy. You’re also probably the most stylish person in your group of friends. You want to look your best every day, even when you’re simply going shopping. Looking good makes you feel good which boosts your confidence. This means you’re probably the type of person who is assertive and not afraid to speak their mind. Just be careful, using a flat iron or blow dryer every day can cause dandruff. To stop this from happening, be sure to use one of Gill’s trusted anti-dandruff shampoos.

Carefully styled to hide certain areas of your head

Unfortunately, some people have scalp issues that leave visible sores or suffer from hair loss that leaves bald spots. Which is why you carefully style your hair to hide these areas. You’re the type of person who makes the best of the situation you’ve got. When life throws you lemons, you figure out a way to use them. You look for solutions instead of concentrating on a problem. For example, you’ve thoroughly researched how to prevent hair falling out and you take the advice you find seriously. If something goes wrong, you’re the person people come to.