About Us

Everyone knows that one man.

The man who walks in to a room, and can have a conversation with anyone in it - about anything.

He’s the kind of man everyone wants to be around, because he’s got a little something about him that sets him apart.

Men want to be him. Women want to be with him.

You can strip away his car, his watch, his shoes, his suits, his house, his job and yet, you’d still want to be him.


Because his desires, dreams and ambitions aren’t built on things, or driven by things, they come from something more – respect.

Respect for others, for community, for hard work and respect for one’s self.

It’s this that puts the power in his step, that instils confidence in everything he does, big or small.

It’s an engine that can’t be turned off a perpetual energy that feeds itself and grows and grows. You see, when you’ve got it, people remember you for it, because it’s rare, potent and unmistakable.

It’s what makes a genuine man.

A man of substance.

A man destined to make his mark.

A man of true status.

It starts with the scent that lingers and ends with the lasting impression you leave behind.

It starts with status.